Monday, November 3, 2008

Truck Driving School Scams

After creating trucking school reviews on blogger and Squidoo I have received so many posts and e-mails from people that I cannot put up on either of these sites! Why can’t I put them up! Mostly because of graphic depictions and language of alleged crimes that have or have not occurred at particular trucking schools.

You just can’t post this kind of material that alleges criminal activity without evidence. I have heard about everything from supposed sexual harassment/assaults and students being dropped off out in the middle of nowhere by over the road driver trainers. People being kicked out of company trucking schools and left with the bill to pay and blatant lies about pay and job descriptions.

Being the moderator of this blog and trucking school reviews gives me a unique perspective on these trucking schools because I see all the comments. Whether a comment is posted or not I can tell you that IT SEEMS THAT MOST THE BAD ONES ARE ABOUT THE SAME PLACES!

If you are looking to get your CDL and wish to avoid all this nonsense just fill out my form and I will forward it to one of the best trucking schools in the country that has a good reputation and can help just about anyone get their CDL. CDL Training form

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